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The Institute would like to stay in touch with its former students and evoke old memories of SJAHI, giving the opportunity to our alumnus to participate in the future of SJAHI.

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Our Graduates Success Stories

I am very fond of my work and I take sheer interest in receiving support from newly-graduate peers. I am indebted to the Saudi Japanese Automobile High Institute for boosting my work-morale, help me to master my skills, and embrace highly acknowledged work-ethics. Since 2014 I serve Mazda as  Maintenance Manager. 


Omar Abdul Wahab Mohammad Alvi

7th batch student, Graduated in 2010

Manager of Mazda Maintenance

I received the honor of being titled the ‘Ideal Student’. I single-handedly established an Automobile Maintenance Workshop. In fact, what truly played a major role in my journey towards success is seizing the opportunity of studying at SJAHI. For this choice helped me to realize my dream.


Jamil Ahmed Ahmed Etema

SJAHI 11th batch student, Graduated in 2014

Own Business

Without a shroud of doubt, the accomplishment I have willingly made possible would have been next to impossible, if it hadn’t been by the aid of Allah -the most exalted-, then by being committed to the utmost to achieving my goal, and then in deed by seeking my Technical Diploma at the SJAHI. 


Abdullah Yahya Qazi

SJAHI 2nd batch student, Graduated in 2005

Development Department GM ALJ, Toyota